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Enjoying your lovely ferments...

Love Fermented... It's all about eating well
getting the right balance of vitamins, minerals,
protein & roughage & avoiding all the
artificial sugars & preservatives.

Add into the mix that our jars are 
full of Bio-Live Goodness, which
is great for your gut (amongst
many other things) & it all starts
to look & taste rather good!




Yes... as well as being deliciously tasty & free of any artificial preservatives, colours or sugars our jars can also offer health benefits as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Once you have arrived home with your precious bounty of healthy gut goodness you will want to store them ideally in your fridge... or a cool dark place.

Your jar will be happy in the coolness of your cosy fridge & you will be able to enjoy the delicious contents whenever you choose, wether it's a sneaky snack straight from the jar... a lunchtime nibble or as part of your daily meal.

Your jar is 'alive' with Bio-Live Goodness... healthy, friendly, beneficial bacteria, ready to do it's stuff!  With a gentle introduction to your daily diet your jar of Bio-Live Goodness can do amazing things... (read health benefits)!

After your gentle introduction (a fork-full a day initially should do the trick) you should be able to increase your daily intake gradually (caution is advised as these little jars of Bio-Live goodness can 'get things moving'!  Please read the label and do not exceed the recommended daily intake of any ingredients).

Once introduced to your microbiome... gut... belly, whatever you wish to call it, you should be able to enjoy your jars as & whenever you please & hopefully enjoy a more diverse, inspiring & healthy diet.

Straight from the fridge...

On toast...

Best ketchup ever !!!


Perfect for a picnic...

Garlic Prawn stir-fry...

Awesome for the B-B-Q...


Jamie Oliver's Sesame & Kimchi chicken... 

Kimchi & Noodles...

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